On our site you can find the sitcom Professor Sanguinetti’s Campaign in Favor of Normal Beer. It concerns a professor from the University of Modena, who, finding himself in New York for an academic exchange, explains Birra di Modena to an American audience. He does this in the context of craft and industrial beers (a theme we have discussed in various articles and FAQs on our site). We invite you to watch the sitcom, which runs to 6 episodes. It is in English but regards subjects related to beer, which are well known, with picturesque twists that may be easily understood (even by our Italian viewers).

Today in fact many places have an extensive beer list dedicated almost exclusively to craft beers with refined distinctions drawn between this or that specialty. To get away from all of this, you may direct your order to one (or more) of the following formulations:

-A normal beer.
-A domestic beer.
-A light-colored beer.
-A Helles, Bavarian style.
-A blond beer.

But the best approach is simply to ask straight out for a Birra di Modena,, which is normal in that it is a blond lager, sweet and not bitter, not very alcoholic, but decided in taste and full-bodied.