Beer Yoga

We have seen the craft beer movement. We have seen sommeliers for beer. And now there has arrived from Berlin, the latest vogue, Beer Yoga. In the words of its promoters it combines German beer with its centuries-old powers to lull the soul and Indian yoga, which relaxes body and spirit. It represents not only [...]

2019-01-29T21:08:49+01:0022 March 2018|Birra di Modena|

What does “session beer” mean?

The term comes from England and refers to a beer of which one may drink 5 mugs in a sitting, or session with friends. It is in style to call it a beer for easy drinking. It does not represent a challenge to the palate with a taste that is very strong and hoppy. It [...]

2019-02-15T14:16:50+01:0021 March 2018|Birra di Modena|


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