Are the Scots of Brewdog making fun of the politically correct?

Brewdog, the iconoclastic brewery of Aberdeen, seems to have reached the apex of the politically correct with its beer in protest against climate change. It is called “Make the Earth Great Again” and is produced with water from melting polar icecaps. Please see the ANSA report indicated below. James Watt and Martin Dickie, Brewdog’s founders [...]

2019-01-30T12:21:48+01:0030 November 2017|Birra di Modena|

The beer-warmer, an endearing German custom

The Bierwärmer (beer-warmer) is an endearing little contraption that is a testimony to old people’s attachment to beer. Because they have digestive difficulties and intolerance for cold beverage and though beer is normally served at a moderate temperature of about 8° C in German establishments, they may ask the waiter for a Bierwärmer, a metallic [...]

2019-01-30T12:23:56+01:0030 November 2017|Birra di Modena|

Crazy names for new beers

Craft brewers in the United States and Great Britain have a predilection for bizarre brand names and for their various beers. They are very much in function of Anglo-Saxon humor, which runs from typical understatement to the farce along the lines of Monty Python and Groucho Marx. Their Italian confreres lack comical names, so we [...]

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