Is Birra di Modena a special beer or a premium beer?

These two terms are often misunderstood. In Italy the term “special beer” refers to a legal classification for the alcohol content. In it there are non-alcoholic beers with ABV up to 1.2%, light beers with ABV of 1.2-3.5%, normal beers or beers without particular denomination with ABV of 3.6-5.4%, special beers with ABV of 5.5-5.9%, [...]

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What is this Law of Purity?

It refers to a law issued by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria in 1516, the Prohibition of Substitutes (Der Surrogatverbot), which was only much later, in 1918, renamed the Law of Purity (die Reinheitsgebot). This appears on the labels of the majority of German beers, but the importance of the law has been exaggerated. It [...]

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