An award to a reader for a crazy name for a new beer

In a previous article we noted the scant inclination of Italians to attribute comical names to their craft beers. Craft brewers in the United States and Great Britain fancy bizarre names for brands and types of beer. They derive from Anglo-Saxon humor, which runs from the typical understatement to the farce of Monty Python and [...]

2019-01-29T21:14:07+01:0023 February 2018|Birra di Modena|

Is English “bitter” bitter?

No, it is not particularly bitter. In an English pub, when one asks for a bitter or an ale or simply a beer (unless one specifically indicates lager, which in the English nomenclature does not count as a beer) the barkeeper will draw a bitter, a running beer that is only moderately alcoholic and, notwithstanding [...]

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