Given that in Bohemia brewing boasts a centuries-old tradition going back to the 14th Century, very specific rules have been developed for the storing, sanitariness, and tapping to achieve the perfect beer. They affect in a determining way the form and taste of the beer, and every good brewer continually controls all the places where his beer is served.
It is no coincidence that Bohemians say,
“The brewer produces the beer, but it is the barkeeper that makes the difference for the beer.”


For beer to have the right taste it is necessary to pay attention to how it is handled even before tapping.
Beer is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. We should store it in deposits that are well aerated and clean and away from any aromatic foods that might affect the flavor. Beer should be stored in dark bottles, protected from direct sunlight.

Temperatures for storage are 5°-10°C for kegs and 5°-15°C for bottles. Temperatures below 3°C damage beer because they can create a residue from the cold. Temperatures above those indicated can generate carbon dioxide influencing the taste and creating formation of excess foam.

Sanitizing the tubes

The sanitizing serves to eliminate impurities and microorganisms that can harm the quality of tapped beer in the place where it is served. The correct chemical solution together with mechanical action is the most efficient way to sanitize tubes. The chemical product used should be certified and tested. The frequency of sanitizing is as follows:

  • For unpasteurized beers, regularly once a week with a rinsing with water once a day at the end of the shift.
  • For pasteurized beers once every 14 days again with daily rinsing at shift’s end.


The correct way to prepare the beer glass is as follows:

  1. Any residual beer or dry foam from previous use should be rinse out.
  2. The glass should be washed with a sponge
  3. It should be rinsed again
  4. Next it should be cooled with cold water to bring it to the temperature of the beer to be served.
  5. It is important then to pour out all the water and make sure no water remains at the bottom of the glass.
  6. Some might wonder whether, before the tapping, the glass shouldn’t be warm and dry. No. The competent barkeeper serves beer in a glass that is wet and cold.

Tapping in a single go

  1. Let a little foam run out of the spigot
  2. Afterwards tap the beer in a single go holding the glass at 45°.
  3. When the glass begins to foam a lot, the glass should be inclined gradually to upright.
  4. The foam should be sweet and milky and the beer itself a little sweet.

Tapping in a double go

  1. Tap the beer entirely into a glass tipped at 45°
  2. It is necessary to let the beer rest for 1-2 minutes, after which the tapping is completed to the right size
  3. Beer has a denser foam and the taste is slightly less sweet. Thanks to the foam the beer will keep the taste constant for longer.

The cut

  1. Tap the beer entirely into a glass tipped at 45° in such a way that the glass contains about one-third beer, one-third foam, and one-third air.
  2. This is an ideal way to tap beer if we don’t know how much beer we want or don’t want a full glass. The result is a small serving of beer in a big glass with a rich flavor.

It may be noted that this method works well also for the pouring of beer from a bottle.

The foam does not serve only as a decoration but has an important influence on the taste of the beer. A wet, dense and creamy foam protects the beer from the air and concentrates its fragrance. A correctly tapped beer creates visible rings on the glass.

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