Yes, it is traditional industrial beer. It is associated principally with regional beers that have maintained various distinct flavors. They have a regional base of client-drinkers that know well and appreciate their beer and do not want it to change character. The expansion of these breweries in their domestic or international markets would usually but not always put at risk this character because a uniformity of taste toward the light and mild makes the broad market contented.

Traditional breweries do not run this risk. They remain loyal to their distinctive tastes even if their plants and production techniques are industrial. Many regional breweries in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, and Bohemia are of this type. They are strictly industrial but produce beers of character, each with its own taste. (Ironically, it was these very industrial breweries that excited American beer-lovers traveling in Europe 40 years ago, who, having discovered beers of character nonexistent in the USA, returned home and became the pioneers of the craft beer movement. Some of their breweries have become industrial giants even though they remain producers of craft beer.)