Saigon, off Rue Catinat (Tụ-Do), in April of 1968, three months after the Tết offensive of the Vietcong. The curfew had been lifted in the center of the city, where an Australian soldier, on leave from the defense of Biển-Hoà (30 kilometers east of the capital), entered a bar to enjoy a few beers and a little female company. There was no Fosters Lager but only the local “33” on tap. The Vietnamese barkeeper drew him a glass with a nice head of foam. The Australian jumped up on the counter and took the barkeeper by the throat. He thought the barkeeper wanted to cheat him giving him a lot of foam and not much beer. He was restrained by other clients who understood better the art of pouring beer.

Please see the article entitled “The correct way to pour beer and the wrong way“.